Tom Kasper

Tom KasperTom Kasper
Assistant Judo Instructor

1st Degree Black Belt – Judo

Tom started his martial arts training with Sifu Joe learning Tai Chi and other Chinese martial arts. He started to expand his training to, what was at the time, the beginning of the Bujutsu program at the Budokan. We consider Tom one of our first adult Bujutsu students.

With a good foundation of the wide-ranging characteristics of martial arts, Tom realized he enjoyed the throwing aspects of the Bujutsu program and turned his focus and energies towards training in Judo in addition to his Bujutsu training. Tom efficiently and quickly earned his belt ranks and today is one of the students who has earned their black belt at the Budokan. New Judo students are honored to get their initial Judo training experience working with Tom.

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