Workshops and Seminars

Self-Defense Workshop

Saturday, February 22, 12:30-3:30p

Be Smart – Be Safe – Be Empowered

  • Be better prepared should you ever find yourself in a threatening situation
  • Actual practice protecting yourself
  • Realistic – situational awareness and prevention skills
  • Comfortable & supportive training environment
  • Intended for any person, all fitness levels, no previous experience necessary
  • Beginners and all ages (mature t’weens to adults) welcome!
  • Please dress in comfortable clothing that is appropriate for work outs including boxing and ground techniques. Students participate barefoot on our mat floors. No self-defense gear needed.

$15 – All proceeds to be donated to Go With the Flow organization.

To register:  call South Elgin Budokan 847-888-8866  Or Pretty Strong 847-728-8880

Sponsored by Pretty Strong Gifts & South Elgin Budokan Martial Arts


Tai Chi Workshop

Sunday, April 5th, 1:30-4:30p

Embracing Tai Chi for Healthy Movement

Workshop will focus be on how Tai Chi can help you….

  • Improve overall relaxation, balance and energy
  • Emphasize body unity (upper, middle and lower) and efficiency
  • Explore the effectiveness of movements with purpose
  • Harmonize mind, body and spirit
  • Develop and gain muscle strength and flexibility

This is the first of three workshops scheduled for 2020 with visiting Instructor Sifu Ken Ning, Additional workshops will be 8/2 and 11/15.

$60 for the 1st workshop, $50 for each additional.  Minimum 5 students.


Popular Programs

Kickboxing (ages 12+)

Wednesday and Friday 5:00p 

Now is a great time to commit to moving strong with bag-hitting, adrenaline-flowing workouts in 2020. The first class meets Wednesday, January 8th.  We look forward to helping make 2020 a fun and fit year for you.


Weapons Training – Staff

Sundays 10:00a

Students will learn basic to advanced fighting techniques of the staff.  The staff is used to block, thrust, and strike an opponent and is effective against most other forms of martial arts weapons. Staffs are available for use in class. Wear comfortable clothing and bring a bottle of water.  Ages 10+


Wing Chun (ages 12+)

Monday & Thursday 6:00p

Wing Chun is a Chinese Martial Art created by a woman to allow for smaller and weaker martial artists to overcome larger and stronger opponents utilizing rapid strikes and kicks in close range combat. Wing Chun has spread throughout the world thanks to Grandmaster Ip Man and then by legendary martial artist Bruce Lee, of which Wing Chun was his first primary martial art.

Students of Wing Chun will learn economy of motion and combative exercises such as Chi Sao or “sticking hands” with an ongoing advanced system of attack and defense, often occurring simultaneously.  Wing Chun does not do many forms as there are three empty hand forms, two weapon forms and one wooden dummy form.  Wing Chun is efficient, direct and very fast, making it effective for self-defense.


Hapkido (ages 12+)

Wednesday 6:00p and Friday 7:00p

Hapkido is a comprehensive self-defense system involving joint locks, pressure points, throws, kicks, strikes, and a few weapons to form a non-aggressive martial art that stresses self-development. In Hapkido you learn how to protect yourself in the full range of self-defense situations — from an unwelcome touch to an immediate threat to your life. This range of control allows you to protect yourself fully without needing to hurt the opponent more than is necessary for the situation.


Combative Bujutsu

Wednesday 7:00p

This is a great adult class for those returning to martial arts or those who are just beginning their martial arts journey.  Based on our core Bujutsu program, training is focused on self-defense maneuvers using techniques from a strong martial arts base.  The goals of this self-defense program are to focus on surviving an initial empty hand attack and countering that attack.  Learn basics of footwork and proper execution of striking from an outside distance to an up-close range, from standing and on the ground. Physical activity progresses to controlled sparring to make the training as realistic as possible while always remaining focused on student safety. In addition to learning these skills, you will get a good sense of accomplishment as you workout each class.  For students 16+.


Isshin Ryu Karate (ages 16+)

Tuesday 7:00p

Apart from equipping a student in self-defense techniques, Isshin Ryu teaches the practitioner the art of achieving harmony and co-ordination. Eventually, the student’s fluidity of movements, stamina and dexterity will improve. The art form also sharpens mental faculties, boosts confidence and makes a student a balanced individual. Isshin Ryu comprises many close-in techniques which help in street fighting situations.  The Japanese phrase “Isshin Ryu” translates into “one heart way”.


Featured Programs ~

Youth Bujutsu Martial Arts

Ages 7+ Monday and Wednesday 5:00 to 5:50p or Tuesday and Thursday 4:30-5:10P

Ages 4-5-6 Tuesday and Thursday 5:30-6:10p

Ages 8+ Saturday 10:30-12:00p

Our Bujutsu (‘Martial Way’ in Japanese) program is the product of multiple martial art styles and experiences. It is a dynamic style that integrates traditional and contemporary aspects of major disciplines. The program is continually reviewed to ensure we offer a well-balanced and effective training system for every student. You will learn Martial Arts and Self-Defense techniques from the traditional martial arts such as Judo, Karate, Kung Fu, Hapkido, Wing Chun and Jui Jitsu along with acquiring skills from Boxing, Kick Boxing, Wrestling and more.

Bujutsu is a fun and exciting way to improve your core strength, increase endurance and stamina, and learn how to defend yourself better on your feet or on the ground. Students learn respect and responsibility as they learn and improve their skills and techniques.


Boot Camp 

Saturday 9:00a 

Tuesday and Thursday 8:00a 

Thursday 7:00p

Get a great workout morning or evening!  Training sessions focus on upper, lower and core exercises.  Steppers, kettle bells, resistance bands, weights, and other workout tools are used.  Start at your level of comfort and build your strength as you meet your goals. Bring water and indoor shoes – street shoes are not allowed on the mats.

Drop-in fees apply.  Outdoor training weather permitting.


Open Positions on a Champion Judo Team – Youth and Adults

  • Youth (ages 5+) beginners – Monday and Friday 6:00-7:00p
  • Adults (16+) and advanced students Monday and Friday 6:00-8:00p
  • Additional practice on Wednesdays 2 weeks prior to a scheduled tournament

(Judo – meaning ‘gentle way’) A fast paced and well developed traditional martial arts class open to the beginner and seasoned judokas.  Be a part of a champion team. Try a class for FREE!

We invite everyone to experience the benefits of Martial Arts – the 1st regular lesson is on us!

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