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Learn more about each program through its own page:

All regular programs offer you a free class before signing up.

Boxing28-150x129Boxing is focused on the development of overall body conditioning, while focusing on the neuromuscular coordination to perform proper strikes and defensive maneuvers with one’s hands while always maintaining proper balance and posture. All skill levels are welcome, with advanced students having the opportunity to participate in instructional sparring sessions, when appropriate. No one is required to compete and definitely not allowed to participate in any match until they are ready. Boxing is one of many sports our U.S. athletes compete in the Olympics.  Mature youth and adults participate in these classes.

programs_butjutsu-150x108Bujutsu  is our flagship program and involves multiple instructors’ input to create a well-structured class for you.  Our Bujutsu is a dynamic style that was established in the 1960s with contributions from modern and traditional training disciplines. It is the blending of various martial arts styles and experiences that produces an effective system joining all aspects of martial arts (kicking, striking, joint manipulation, grappling, throwing and ground fighting techniques).

Classes are available for youth (age 4+) and adults (16+) in addition to a fun family class where parents and kids (3+) train together.

JudoJudo is a competitive Olympic sport that emphasizes safety; the physical activity required will produce a high level of conditioning. It is the ancient Japanese art which utilizes spectacular throwing techniques, but also involves considerable grappling on the ground utilizing control holds, arm locks, and choking techniques. Judo is learned on special mats for comfort and safety. All experience levels welcome ages 6+

programs_trainingPersonal Fitness Training is a one on one personalized program to help you reach your individual fitness goals through the supervision of a certified personal trainer. Whether the goal is obtaining an improved quality of life for the beginner fitness enthusiast or increasing the overall fitness level of the active athlete, a training program will be developed to help you reach your fitness potential. Resistance training, along with aerobic and anaerobic training strategies will be employed to increase strength, mobility and cardiovascular endurance. Fitness Training time with a partner or small group is also available which can increase motivation and reduce individual costs. Mature youth and adults.

Self-defenseSelf-Defense Tactics is a class intended for adult students requiring advanced self-defense techniques in their professional jobs. This class includes conditioning and drilling while you learn to control your opponent and predict what they will do. You define the level of training and knowledge you need from the spectrum of basic skills to physically challenging. Individual training is also available.

programs_taichiTai Chi is the most widely practiced martial art in the world. Besides being a martial art, it is a complete health system strengthening the muscles and internal organs. It improves balance, fall prevention, flexibility and coordination. We have several weekly classes for all skill levels and ages and one specifically for for those with limited mobility. Many students schedule private lessons in this discipline. Participants from all ages and skill levels attend our classes.

programs_selfdefenseSelf-Defense is not martial arts training. It is doing everything possible to avoid fighting someone who threatens or attacks you. Self-defense is all about using your smarts — not your fists. This class teaches you to trust your instincts and to find ways to de-escalate the situation. Your intuition, combined with your common sense, can help get you out of trouble. Our program includes physical conditioning and is geared for mature youth and adult education.

weaponsWeapons training classes are for students interested in furthering their martial arts study.  Classes run in 4 to 8 week sessions.  Instructor recommended weapons and gear required must be purchased prior to the first class.

boot campThis is a comprehensive one hour group workout session intended for adults. Training will focus on improving one’s overall fitness level.  Each participant will work at their own health and ability levels to reach their fitness goals with attention to: Cardio Respiratory Endurance, Strength, Mobility, Agility & Speed, Power, Muscle Coordination & Balance.  Outdoor training, weather permitting.

Yoga4 Hatha Yoga: Ha means Sun or masculine and tha means moon or feminine. Yoga comes from the root word Yuj, which means to unite. One translation of this can be, the uniting of yin and yang energies. Yoga is full of postures that help strengthen and stretch making it a very unique form of exercise that has been around since at least the 11th century.

Using slow focused movement and breathing not only allows for stretching and strengthening, but many other benefits. Balanced emotions, better sleep, and the ability to learn to breath and relax in new and uncomfortable positions. This skill can be an amazing gift when applied to life off the mat. Yoga is an amazing tool for learning, growing, and healing. Adults and mature youth are welcome.

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