Pat N. – I went to a Women’s Self Defense Seminar on Saturday. It was a great experience. I recommend it to girls and women of all ages.

John L. – As a current student of Bujutsu and a Black Belt in Shotokan Karate I highly recommend The South Elgin Budokan for new or experienced Martial Artists.  The combination of a wide variety of martial arts classes, top notch instruction, state of the art training facility and realistic training methods make this a very unique Martial Arts School.   In addition, everyone is treated with respect and care is taken to ensure that training is conducted in the safest manner possible.

Michael G. – Dear Budokan Members, I had both the honor and privilege to train in Okinawa recently with two of the Shihans of your organization, and I just want the student body at your Dojo to realize that you are receiving Karate-do, Kung Fu and Judo instruction of the highest quality, with standards equivalent to those established in Japan. Since my Renshi credentials are registered with the All Japan Budo Federation, and I have over 30 years’ experience in Goju Ryu, I can make this determination in a manner that is both unsolicited and based upon my objective evaluation of Sensei “Tom” And Sensei “Joe”. Student body, please feel both fortunate and honored to train with these two Budoka. I know I was honored to train with them in the birthplace of Karate, for the first 10 days of October 2012. ————–In Budo, Michael

Shala D. – We love this place! Excellent coaches and great atmosphere.

Pearl G. – “It has been my pleasure to be a student of South Elgin Budokan for more than 2 years.  I researched several schools before choosing the Budokan and it was the right choice because I know the level of training is second to none. The classes are informative, fun and, above all, practical. Sifu Joe is an excellent teacher who is hands-on and always willing to take the time to answer questions or walk you through a technique step-by-step.”

Everyone is welcome to try a class for free!

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